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Newman Group’s strategic investment in Yogapetz, a Web3 wellness platform and ecosystem

We’re excited to announce Newman Group’s strategic investment in Yogapetz, a Web3 wellness platform and ecosystem led by Keungz and Kin Fung Man.

Wellness is a $5,243b industry that shows no signs of slowing growth. Web3 projects in this category include STEPN by Find Satoshi Lab and Genopets. While many Web3 apps focus on gamifying physical wellness, there is a gap in supporting mental health and mindfulness. Yogapetz promises to enhance its community’s mental well being by rewarding holders with exclusive on and offline wellness perks and experiences from access to virtual yoga classes to retreats at physical resorts.

Yogapetz is created by Keungz and Kin Fung Man, the team behind Kzlabs, who provide Web3 guidance and executional know-how to traditional Web2 brands like Casetify looking to activate in Web3. Most notable would be their role in advising 9gag on the launch of @Memeland.

As part of their go-to-market strategy for Web2 partners, Kzlabs launched the Keungz Genesis collection to gather NFT enthusiasts interested in supporting Web2 brands the team advises as they launch Web3 initiatives. In return for being early adopters, the Keungz community is rewarded with exclusive access to these collaboration opportunities. Since the Genesis collection (432 supply), the Keungz ecosystem has expanded to include Kubz (9,999 supply) and Ordinal Kubz (9,999 supply).

Despite launching their NFTs in a bear market, the Keungz community engagement and sentiment remain strong, retaining healthy market demand while having the ability to bootstrap momentum for partners like @Memeland resulting in highly successful launches.

We’re thrilled to support Yogapetz as the team understands consumer distribution and curating value-add experiences! We can’t wait to see all the ways they promote wellness through community building, virtual resources, and real-world benefits

About Newman Group

Newman Group is a globally recognized Web3 conglomerate, headquartered in Hong Kong. We are committed to value creation for the Web3 ecosystem with our investment, incubation, advisory and accelerator arms. Leveraging our profound expertise in the Asian landscape, extensive network of strategic partnerships, and hands-on experience in the Web3 domain, we are uniquely positioned to empower aspiring entrepreneurs and enterprises worldwide to achieve success. Our visionary approach aims to bridge the divide between the Eastern and Western worlds, while navigating the complexities of each Asian market. Newman Group is poised to shape the future of the decentralized web and provide unparalleled opportunities for our valued stakeholders.


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