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Newman Community Support Program

Focusing on fostering innovation and community growth, Newman Group is committed to supporting emerging projects and initiatives within the Web3 space.

Rationale for the Program

The Newman Community Support Program stems from a core belief in the power of community collaboration and collective advancement. Recognizing the vibrant ecosystem of Web3 communities, Newman Group seeks to contribute resources and expertise to empower these communities in their endeavors.

Support Offerings

Modern Commercial Building

Newman Group's Value

As a pioneer in Web3 innovation, we are dedicated to bringing fresh ideas from concept to reality through our various support services like investing, mentoring, advising, and accelerating projects.

We're passionate about connecting and empowering Web3 communities across Asia. By sharing knowledge and fostering open communication, we facilitate collaboration and innovation.

Selection Criteria


Target communities with the most significant potential for creating positive change and making a measurable difference in their regions.


Ensure that the selected communities share and uphold Newman Group's core values and strategic vision, fostering a mutually beneficial partnership.


Prioritize communities that demonstrate a strong commitment to growth and innovation in the Hong Kong and broader Asian markets.


Focus on communities that actively engage within the Web3 landscape, enhancing collaboration and expanding influence in the digital space.

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Venue Partners


Event Structure

This is an Asian-focused program. It will start in Hong Kong, then Japan and Singapore, and expand to the rest of Asia. We target to sponsor 3 events per quarter. Our events serve as dynamic platforms for knowledge exchange, networking, and collaboration among participants. Partner communities are pivotal in managing these gatherings' logistical and promotional aspects, while Newman Group offers invaluable financial support. 

Types of Event Structure

Networking event at Newman Office, Private lunch/dinner at a local restaurant (e.g., Hotpot gathering, Dai Pai Dong gathering, Chinese restaurant), Roller Skating, Coffee meetup, Tram tour, etc.

Budget Cap

HKD 10,000

Payment Conditions

Newman’s upfront payment cap: HKD 10,000

  • For events costing more than HKD 10,000, the remaining sponsorship fee will be settled after the event.

  • For projects with difficulties settling payments to vendors based on the standard payment conditions, please discuss with the Newman team for possible special arrangements.

  • Newman's team will join the event if possible

  • Submission of event photos, check-in guest list including names, emails, Twitter handles, and any available information

  • Submission of all actual receipts from vendors or restaurants

  • Co-mention promotional posts on social media e.g., X and LinkedIn

  • Co-branded materials (e.g. event banner, RSVP page) /merchandise

Previous Community Event Highlights

  • What kind of support does the Newman team provide?
    Newman Group offers office space as a venue for community events and can connect communities with our preferred partners. We provide financial support. Additionally, we collaborate on co-marketing efforts, share events on Newman's platforms, and leverage our Global Founder Network (Web2 and Web3) to invite founders to attend events if necessary.
  • What are the minimum action items for successful applicants in terms of marketing?
    Co-branded materials (e.g. event banner, RSVP page) Co-mentioned marketing promotion on all social media channels Co-branded merch (If applicable)
  • What events does Newman Group support, and how are they structured?
    We support various events categorized by the number of attendees. Events targeting 50-100 attendees are considered small-scale, while those over 100 are classified as mid-large events.
  • Who should I talk to if I have any questions?
    Please contact Keisy (@ysieklo ( ), Alice (@awkwardalz ( ), and Sidney (@hungry_din ( if you have any questions.
  • What supporting documents and evidence should be submitted after the event?
    After the event, the community leader/ PIC needs to share event photos, check-in guest lists and receipts, engage in co-mention promotional posts on social media, and provide co-branded materials/merchandise.
  • After submitting the proposal, such as the date, time, or location, can I change it?
    Date, time, and location changes are permissible based on venue availability. However, changes to community organizations, event format, scale, or sponsorship amount are prohibited unless accompanied by a detailed rationale.
  • Is it only open to the Hong Kong community?
    No, this community program is open to Asian communities, including Japan, Taiwan, and Singapore.
  • How long does the result take after the submission of the application?
    The Newman team will reply within 10 working days.
  • How many events will Newman support each month?
    Newman targets to support 3 events per quarter.
  • What criteria does Newman Group use to select community partners?
    We prioritize partnerships with communities that demonstrate a commitment to growth, innovation, and engagement in the Asian market and the broader Web3 landscape.
  • What are the qualifications for event organizers to receive support from Newman Group?
    Selected communities must ensure Newman's team participation in Hong Kong events, submit event photos, guest lists, and actual receipts, and engage in co-mention promotional posts on social media.
  • Are we able to submit community event application with estimated budget above the budget cap?
    We are open to ideas with a budget that exceeds the cost cap. However, please expect a longer vetting period and be prepared to provide more details and explanations for the rationale behind the budget.
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