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Newman Group Joins Portalcoin as a Strategic Investor to Accelerate Web3 Consumer Adoption in Gaming

We are proud to announce that Newman Group has joined Portal as a strategic investor to accelerate Web3 consumer adoption through gaming.

As Portal launches, Newman will work closely with the team, advising on their Asia strategy by leveraging our roots in the region, extensive network of strategic partners, and hands-on Web3 experience to support them as they scale.

The current Web3 gaming landscape is fragmented across chains with siloed games and gamers, has a clunky Web3 tech stack which inhibits scaling, and has yet to attract mainstream players.

Portal solves this by abstracting blockchain clunkiness to create seamless UX via LayerZero Labs partnership, reaching Web3 gamers by onboarding +200 games, a combined network of 4.5 million gamers including titles such as Space Nation, Nine Chronicles, and DeFi Kingdoms, and connecting to Web2 players via e-sports, streaming, and gaming content creation.

We believe that Portal's vision of interoperability and go-to-market strategy sets them apart from the competition as they are gamer-led and community-driven, evident in their latest campaign, Crystal Dash. Understanding that distribution is vital to unlocking the consumer layer, we recently also announced our investment in Ray Chan's Memeland and our strategic partnership with Complex Chinese as their Web3 strategic partner, playing a vital role in their Asia expansion plans.

Newman's mission, from day one, has been to make crypto accessible to the masses as we believe in a Web3-powered consumer economy future. We continue to seek formidable teams tackling the consumer space, who understand their audience, and are laser focused on distribution.

Portal is revolutionizing Web3 gaming, and this is just the beginning! We’re thrilled to redefine the industry alongside Portal by making it even more interactive, innovative, and community-driven!

About Newman Group

Newman Group is a globally recognized Web3 conglomerate, headquartered in Hong Kong. We are committed to value creation for the Web3 ecosystem with our investment, incubation, advisory and accelerator arms. Leveraging our profound expertise in the Asian landscape, extensive network of strategic partnerships, and hands-on experience in the Web3 domain, we are uniquely positioned to empower aspiring entrepreneurs and enterprises worldwide to achieve success. Our visionary approach aims to bridge the divide between the Eastern and Western worlds, while navigating the complexities of each Asian market. Newman Group is poised to shape the future of the decentralized web and provide unparalleled opportunities for our valued stakeholders.


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