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Newman's Faith in Hong Kong Web3

Believing is Seeing

Newman has been very active for the last 12 months, and you might wonder why we're investing so much in Hong Kong initiatives. The answer lies in our commitment to Ecosystem Nurturing, Talent Attraction, Community Building, Long-Term Viability & Fueling City Momentum.

  1. Ecosystem Nurturing:

  2. Talent Attraction:

  3. Community Building, Long-Term Viability, and Fueling City Momentum:

Stats Update 📊

Since 2022, we've been on an incredible journey in Hong Kong, hosting 40+ events to foster innovation and growth in the blockchain and Web3 space.

Attracting Talent: We've organized community meetups to attract talented individuals to join us in Hong Kong. e.g. the first-ever Polygon Labs guild meet-up, Scroll community meetup, ordinal community meetups with Xverse and Neo Smart Economy Hackathon. We also highly value developers for their pivotal role in blockchain and Web3 innovation. We recently co-hosted the inaugural ETH Hong Kong with Scroll to underline our commitment.

Attract Capital: Our endeavors extend beyond talent to the realm of capital. We've successfully hosted two web3 competitions, the New World Innovation Challenge 2023 in partnership with Eureka Nova | New World Group and the AHOY! Pitching Competition in collaboration with Memeland (from 9GAG) and Web3 Harbour.

Expanding the Web3 Ecosystem: Our primary objective is to bolster the number of Web3 social users. Our recent co-hosting of the AHOY! event with Memeland is a testament to our belief in the vast potential of consumer applications in this dynamic market.Newman Group can help the next generation 👨‍🎓We’ve committed to empowering the next generation in the blockchain and Web3 industry.

Newman Group can help the next generation

We’ve committed to empowering the next generation in the blockchain and Web3 industry

  1. Internship Opportunities for Students: Newman Group is offering internship opportunities to university students, providing them with practical experience in the blockchain and Web3 industry .We’ve committed to empowering the next generation in the blockchain and Web3 industry.

  2. Bridging with Universities: We're actively collaborating with universities in Hong Kong. Our involvement includes participating in the HKUST Web3 Carnival's pitching competition from Web3 Carnival, where we discuss key Web3 topics with students.

  3. Mentorship and Advisory: Newman Group plays a crucial role as a mentor and advisor to students, guiding them on their career paths in blockchain and Web3. Our experience and network provide invaluable support to the next generation of professionals.

  4. Guest Lecturers on Web3: We're also guest lecturers on Web3 in Hong Kong universities, helping students gain a deeper understanding of this evolving industry.

As a leader in the Web3 industry in Hong Kong, we would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the remarkable individuals and local communities instrumental in shaping the vibrant Web3 ecosystem in this city.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to the following key individuals: Allen Ng, Angelina A. Kwan CPA CA (Aus/NZ), Casey Lau, Cathie So, PhD, Edith Yeung, Gary Liu, Jehan Chu, Karena Belin, Keung z, King Leung, Lawrence Chu, Lennix Lai, Ray Chan, Tommie Lo, Vivien K., Winchman LI, 肖风 Xiao Feng and Yat Siu. Your time, resources, dedication, and hard work have been the driving force behind making the Hong Kong Web3 ecosystem stronger.

In addition, we appreciate the essential role played by the key local communities, including 0xU Hong Kong BlockChain Club, (🦾,🇭🇰), 852Garden, 852Web3, 8DAO, Artisan Collective, Blockchain Academy Group, Cyberport Hong Kong, Everest Ventures Group (EVG), Finoverse., FOMO Asia, HKG DAO, Invest Hong Kong, Monsterblockhk, PudgyHK, HKUST Web 3.0 Labs, and Web3 Harbour. Your collective efforts have contributed significantly to the growth and vitality of our local Web3 community.

Newman Group remains committed to leading this industry and ensuring that the Hong Kong Web3 ecosystem continues to strengthen and prosper. We look forward to further collaboration and collective growth in this exciting field.


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